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X Desktop 640x480 16Mb


flclock         : a clock
fldesk          : desktop icons
fleffect        : laucher effect
flfile          : file utilities (link, remove, copy, properties)
flfm            : file manager (flfile user interface)
fllauncher      : menu bar
flmail          : mail client (user interface to fetchmail)
flnews          : news client (user interface to suck)
flnotepad       : plain text editor (UTF-8)
flpaint         : bitmap picture editor (uncompressed GIF and Xpm)
flppp           : Internet dialer
flspider        : web browser (uses libcurl)
flspread        : spread sheet (XML)
flwriter        : word processor (XHTML)
flshutdown      : computer shutdown dialog

We use fltk-utf8 as the widget library. FVWM 2 is our standard windows manager. Debian 2.2 is the default Linux distribution. Test computer is a 486 DX/2 66MHz, 16Mb of RAM, 15" 640x480 256 colors screen.

Requiered software to compile Xd640 :

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