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What is Skribe

Skribe is programming language design for the production of electronic documents. With Skribe one can:

  • Produce HTML web pages.
  • Produce PS files.
  • ...

One may also:

  • Translate Texinfo files into HTML.
  • re-use BibTex bibliography databases.

Obtaining Skribe

New versions of Skribe may downloaded from:

Skribe distrubtion

The Skribe distribution consists of several directories:

INSTALL installation instructions.

Makefile the Makefile to compile Skribe.

README this document. specific information regarding the JVM port of Skribe.

etc private directory.

bin the directory where binary files are compiled to.

lib the directory where Skribe libraries are compiled to.

configure configuration driver script.

emacs Skribe emacs mode.

examples Various example of Skribe texts.

doc the Skribe sources for Skribe manuals.

src the Scheme source code for Skribe.

skr the Skribe source code for the Skribe engines and styles.

  tools         the Bigloo source code for the Texi->Skribe and BibTex->Skribe


We thank all the people who helped me while writing Skribe. My first though goes to Frederic Boussinot who's the first pre-alpha-tester of Skribe always volunteering for new testing new features ;-) I then thanks all the people that send me fixes, suggestions and improvements, that is, all the people that appear in the ChangeLog file. Many thanks to all of you.

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