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sWM - version 1.3.3, 27-dec-2001

What is swmbg

swmbg is a really small utility to load a xpm-image into the root window. If the pixmap is smaller than the screen resolution, it will be repeated.



Same as for swm.


You need at least X11 and the xpm-library correctly installed.


There will be no autoconf compatible "configure" script. You cannot configure swmbg, just type make to build it. If compilation fails, it's a good idea to edit the Makefile like you did it for swm.


There is nothing special about swmbg. Just start it with a correct xpm-image. swmbg will not dither nor do color adjustments, just load the image into the background and quit.

Take you favourite background image, transform it to your X-server's resolution and color depth and save it as an xpm under for example: "/usr/share/swm/background.xpm" so it can be displayed. swmbg does not support other file formats and does not scale or transform the picture.

I've put a small example pixmap in this distribution - don't take it too serious. :-)


If you find any please send me a mail.


You can easyly remove swm by typing "make uninstall" in the sources directory.

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