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The Stump Window Manager

Stumpwm is a window manager written entirely in Common Lisp. It attempts to be highly customizable while relying entirely on the keyboard for input. You will not find buttons, icons, title bars, tool bars, or any of the other conventional GUI widgets.

These design decisions reflect the growing popularity of productive, customizable lisp based systems.


Boot up a common lisp implementation (I use CMUCL most of the time, but I've tested it with SBCL as well).

Since stumpwm has an ASDF package, load asdf (it's probably already loaded) and run:

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'stumpwm)

Right now the irritating :cmucl-clx name for clx in debian messes everything up. so if you're not using debian (or you aren't using cmucl in debian) then you need to change the dependency in stumpwm.asd from :cmucl-clx to :clx.

You need the CLOCC ports package from If you don't have it installed, the above will fail.

For most configurations you should be able to type the following:

(stumpwm:stumpwm "" :display 0)

The first argument is the host to connect to. If you have problems post to the mailing list.

  • Shawn

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