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The Puto Amo Window Manager (Pawm)

First of all, thanks for using the Puto Amo Window Manager, we hope you find it useful and get the better of it ;)

Pawm is a small, fast, simple window manager for the X Window System and its based upon Xlib, so no external libraries are needed for compiling it. It intends to be ICCCM complaint ;), and to work well with most of X applications out there, so if you find a problem with some particular application let us know about the problem.

Our objectives when we started programming pawm, was to create a small window manager that would allow to execute any X application, without the need to install a big bloated desktop envinroment, but at the same time to have a window manager intuitive and easy to use. This, of course, is by no means a new idea ;), there are a lot of window managers out there, and some of them very good. We thought that the easiest way to achieve this was to put a bar at the bottom of the screen to manage all the windows currently mapped, so the windows are easily iconized and restored to their previous state, and there is no need to known strange key or button combinations to iconize o restore a window previously iconized.

Also, a rough application launcher was included later, for running your favourite applications from icons created by pawm, avoiding the need to switch to a console to run a new applications (anyway you don't have to use it and can run applications in the good olde way ;). Lately it has been improved and icons can be moved around the screen, they're no longer 'sticked' ;), although the files still has to be created with a text editor. No doubt configuration will be easier if that work could be done by a external application, but is something we don't consider really important, although if somebody is willing to write anything and fix this situation ;), just mail us ;).

Finally, please report any bugs, problems or strange behavior you've found to <>. We're always happy to hear bug reports (yes, we like bugs XDDDDDD) from pawm users. Or if pawm works like a charm for you, we'll also like to hear your comments or critics ;).

Enjoy the Puto Amo ! ;)



David Gómez <>
Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado <>

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