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This document is transformed into English by automatic.

We don't assume all responsibility toward any situation which responded by the use of this window manager, either. Send e-mail to the author if there are a Bug report, a request, and so on.

How To Install

If it has xmkmf, it can be compiled with xmkmf -a;
But, it must be compiled with gcc for SunOS4.x.

make install
are install mlvwm and manual.

The designation of the installation directory can be done by the change of configure.h. Sauce complying with Locale came in. Make HasLocale YES in configure.h. Cope additionally and suitably though the modification of configure.h was performed very much, too. Make HasLocale NO, and perform compilation when it doesn't go well. It didn't move well with setlocale of SunOS4. It thinks that it moves if X_LOCALE is compiled under the condition that it has define done in X.

The person who has imake is to make makefile by using imake, and compile it.

Be careful because there were various changes when this version is used from the thing of the Version0.6.0 before.


mlvwm [-f config_file] [-d display_name] [-c] [-debug]

-f The change of the establishment file. -d The change of the start display.
-debug Debug output is performed.


Some applications that understand standard Xt command line arguments and X resources, like xterm and xfontsel, allow the user to specify the start-up desk on the command line:

xterm -xrm "*Desk:1"

will start an xterm on desk number 1. Not all applications understand this option, however.

Pixmap was prepared for in pixmap/ for the person who used biff by the menu bar. Use it because they are Thanks for shingo. MailFull.xpm, MailEmpty.xpm. It copes when it can cope.

Add manual page(Thanks for Daniel Henninger).

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