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This is the Matchbox Window Manager source, via

Quick build Notes

  • Unless you want to build a really small ( and ugly ) 'standalone' matchbox-window-manager make sure you have libmatchbox already installed.
  • For most uses no arguments to configure should be needed.
  • To build a really small light matchbox wm;

    ./configure --enable-standalone --disable-keyboard --disable-ping-protocol \


  • To build a compostite matchbox wm ( for shadows effects etc ) configure with --enable-composite
  • To build a verbose debuggable matchbox wm configure with --enable-debug
  • To build a 'fat' fully featured matchbox wm ( useful for running with GNOME or KDE );

    ./configure --enable-startup-notification --enable-session --enable-gconf \


( Also you amy want to build libmatchbox with Pango and XSettings support. )

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