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Fluxbox builds on Blackbox 0.61.1 source but has different goals. Read NEWS to see whats new in this release. For copyright see COPYING

Compile and Install:

# ./configure
# make
and then as root
# make install

For KDE slitsupport: (Allows kde tray icons to be placed in the fluxbox slit)

./configure --enable-kde

For Gnome support:

For more information and FAQ go to

To disable tabs and/or iconbar just change it in configure menu.

To use your own configuration:
Create a directorory, in your homedir, called .fluxbox and copy: init, keys and menu from fluxbox datapath. Dont forget to change session.menuFile and session.titlebarFile in the file init.

You can use your old blackbox configuration file too. Just copy .blackboxrc to ~/.fluxbox/init . The same goes for menu file. You can also use the Blackbox themes in Fluxbox. If there isn't any format for the tab in the theme then the tab will have the same theme as the titlebar.

The keys config file can be selected in the file init: session.keyFile: <filename here>
The keys file is no longer compatible with bbkeys. There's a convertkeys script at that will convert the bbkeys format to the fluxbox format.

A few extra notes:

  • To disable tabs and/or iconbar just change it in configure menu.
  • To work with tabs, use the third mouse button to drag a tab to another tab. This will group the two windows together.
  • With 'Sloppy Window Grouping' turned on (in your configure menu), you can drop the tabs anywhere on the target window to group windows together.
  • The 'Maximize over Slit' option means that maximized windows will not stop at the outside border of the slit, and will instead cover it.
  • In the init file, the session.screen0.rootCommand:option will override the rootCommand option in a theme- keeping your background the same, no matter what the theme says it should be.

This software is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.


Blackbox team
aleczapka, skarin, Perc, xfs, skypher and skywarper for buggtesting skypher of openprojects for buggtesting and providing fluxbox with themes: Clean CleanColor Makro, Carbondioxide and MerleyKay. People at
And for the people who send bugfixes/patches

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