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The Pointless Window Manager


Python As A Configuration File Language



*** Copyright

Copyright 1999-2004 Peter Liljenberg (unless indicated otherwisely).

The GNU General Public Licence applies to all the code, see COPYING for the usual details.

*** Installation

See the file INSTALL.

*** Using plwm without installing

PLWM can be run from the distribution tree. Start it with python (if you dearchived the distribution in /home/foo):

python /home/foo/plwm-2.6/examples/

*** Documentation

In doc, you'll want to build and read (After running make, you can read the built info-file in an emacs by pressing C-u C-h i and giving the path to

A terse description of the example window manager is in examples/README.examplewm.

*** Using it.

There are a number of example window managers in examples/. Running the examples will start that window manager. Examing the examples is the best way to get a feel for how to configure a plwm window manager.

If you want to test window managers, or switch between them, then utils/ is a window manager manager. Read the source file for documentation.

*** Contacts:

Mike Meyer <>
Peter Liljenberg <>

The PLWM website is located at PLWM is a SourceForge project, its project page can be found at

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