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Hi !

  1. Description

This is the new AfterStep configuration interface.

  1. Why ?

Since I haven't heard of ascp for a long time, I think it's a dead project. Therefore, I started working on asconf concept (since AS 1.4.0).

2. How is it done ?

It was supposed to be in GTK, but once I discovered script, a superb GPL scripting language, which made me stop the first asconf tryout for portability reasons.
Basically, it's a port of script from Frédéric Lecordier, with some goodies added for AfterStep.

3. Great ! Lemme play with it !

Now it's quite usable BUT IT IS NOT READY yet ! To see what it looks like, try Samples/DeskSetup.jpg.

4. When will it be ready ?

I'm spending many time on this project. My first concern is usability, i.e. avoid hangups, crashes (...) which is now quite good (afscript included in AS 1.5pre3 wasn't that good) Then I have to introduce AS specific functions (see TODO) to ease script creation.
And maybe code a GUI builder if I can't find any on internet.

So you see, there's still a lot of work.

But asconf will be present in AS 1.5 to configure everything but look (kinda hard for now)

5. That's all !

Now I'm going to improve afscript & make some scripts to configure AfterStep :-)

Have fun !

Guylhem AZNAR <>

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