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These are the files in the common bitmap directory. They should be given better names that can be used for the Gnome and KDE versions as well.

The first step is to scale all the 16x16 icons to 24x24:

  • load in pixmap
  • resize to 24x24
  • shift 4 pixels to the right and 4 down
  • flood fill the empty space with None
  • save

Renamed or removed pixmaps:

  • rm siag_fg.xpm
  • mv ksiag.xpm siag.xpm
  • mv egon_fg.xpm egon.xpm
  • mv pw_fg.xpm pw.xpm
  • mv floppy3.xpm save.xpm
  • create saveas.xpm (save.xpm with pencil)
  • mv info.xpm help.xpm
  • mv center.xpm page_center.xpm
  • mv landscape.xpm page_landscape.xpm
  • mv portrait.xpm page_portrait.xpm
  • mv grid.xpm brd_grid.xpm
  • mv uline.xpm brd_under.xpm
  • mv borders.xpm brd_around.xpm
  • mv none.xpm brd_none.xpm
  • mv play.xpm ani_play.xpm
  • mv stop.xpm ani_stop.xpm
  • mv next.xpm ani_next.xpm
  • mv previous.xpm ani_prev.xpm
  • mv vbottom.xpm subscript.xpm
  • mv vtop.xpm superscript.xpm
  • mv spell.xpm spellcheck.xpm
  • mv bold.xpm text_bold.xpm
  • mv italic.xpm text_italic.xpm
  • mv uchar.xpm text_underline.xpm
new.xpm                 16x16   new file
center.xpm              16x16   center page (gvu)
larger.xpm              16x16   increase magstep (gvu)
smaller.xpm             16x16   decrease magstep (gvu)
landscape.xpm           16x16   landscape paper orientation (gvu)
portrait.xpm            16x16   portrait paper orientation
back.xpm                16x16   previous page (chimera)
blank.xpm               16x16   blank pixmap
bold.xpm                16x16   bold font
borders.xpm             16x16   borders around block (siag)
cancel.xpm              16x16   stop sign
compress.xpm            32x32   compressed archive (xfiler)
copy.xpm                16x16   copy to clipboard
copyright.xpm           16x16   copyright sign
cut.xpm                 16x16   cut to clipboard
data.xpm                32x32   binary data (xfiler)
egon_fg.xpm             32x32   egon icon
fld_closed.xpm          16x16   closed folder
fld_new.xpm             16x16   new folder
fld_open.xpm            16x16   open folder
fld_up.xpm              16x16   parent directory (xfiler)
floppy3.xpm             16x16   save
fonts.xpm               32x32   font file (xfiler)
ghost.xpm               32x32   postscript file (xfiler)
grid.xpm                16x16   grid in block (siag)
hcenter.xpm             16x16   center text horizontally
hleft.xpm               16x16   left adjust text
home.xpm                16x16   home
hright.xpm              16x16   right adjust text
image.xpm               32x32   image file (xfiler)
info.xpm                16x16   help
italic.xpm              16x16   italic font
ksiag.xpm               32x32   siag icon
netscape.xpm            32x32   netscape icon (xfiler)
next.xpm                16x16   next frame (egon)
none.xpm                16x16   remove all borders in block
paste.xpm               16x16   insert from clipboard
play.xpm                16x16   start animation (egon)
plotter.xpm             16x16   graph (siag)
preview.xpm             16x16   magnifying glass
previous.xpm            16x16   previous frame (egon)
printer.xpm             16x16   printer
pw_fg.xpm               32x32   PW icon
quit.xpm                16x16   X window X
redo.xpm                16x16   undo undo
reload.xpm              16x16   reload (chimera)
search.xpm              16x16   binoculars
siag_fg.xpm             32x32   siag icon, old
sigma.xpm               16x16   sum block
sortaz.xpm              16x16   sort ascending
sortmode.xpm            16x16   sort criteria (xfiler)
sortza.xpm              16x16   sort descending
spell.xpm               16x16   spell checking
stop.xpm                16x16   stop animation
uchar.xpm               16x16   underline font
uline.xpm               16x16   underline block
undo.xpm                16x16   undo
unknown.xpm             48x48   many question marks
vbottom.xpm             16x16   subscript
viewmode.xpm            16x16   eye
vtop.xpm                16x16   superscript
xedplus.xpm             32x32   xedplus icon
xterm16.xpm             16x16   xterm
editor.xpm              16x16   text editor
SO3.xpm                 600x317 splash screen
book-closed.xpm         16x16   closed book
book-open.xpm           16x16   open book

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