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Recommended reading

  • Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO - a very hands-on approach to iproute2, traffic shaping and a bit of netfilter.
  • The Beowulf HOWTO - describes step by step instructions on building a Beowulf cluster.
  • Bridging mini-HOWTO - describes how to setup an ethernet bridge.
  • Linux BRIDGE-STP-HOWTO - describes how to setup a bridge with the recent kernel patches and brctl utility by Lennert Buytenhek. and tries to explain about the STP implementation in this code.
  • Linux Cluster HOWTO - how to set up high-performance Linux computing clusters.
  • Ethernet Bridge + netfilter Howto
  • Linux Ethernet-Howto - a compilation of information about which ethernet devices can be used for Linux, and how to set them up.
  • Setting up IP Aliasing on A Linux Machine Mini-HOWTO - a cookbook recipe on how to set up and run IP aliasing on a Linux box and how to set up the machine to receive e-mail on the aliased IP addresses.
  • Linux IP Masquerade HOWTO - describes how to enable the Linux IP Masquerade feature on a given Linux host. IP Masquerade is a form of Network Address Translation or NAT which NAT allows internally connected computers that do not have one or more registered Internet IP addresses to communicate to the Internet via the Linux server's Internet IP address.
  • Linux IPv6 HOWTO - the goal of the Linux IPv6 HOWTO is to answer both basic and advanced questions about IPv6 on the Linux operating system. This HOWTO will provide the reader with enough information to install, configure, and use IPv6 applications on Linux machines.
  • Masquerading Made Simple HOWTO - describes how to enable the Linux IP Masquerade feature on a given Linux host.
  • Linux Mobile IPv6 HOWTO - describes the software and procedures to set up and use mobile IPv6 for Linux.
  • Remote Bridging with IP Tunnels mini-HOWTO - describes how to unite two separate ethernet LANs with an IP tunnel between them.
  • Token-Ring mini-HOWTO - designed to help you get up and running using a Token Ring adaptor to access the network.
  • Traffic Control HOWTO - encompasses the sets of mechanisms and operations by which packets are queued for transmission/reception on a network interface. The operations include enqueuing, policing, classifying, scheduling, shaping and dropping. This HOWTO provides an introduction and overview of the capabilities and implementation of traffic control under Linux.
  • Traffic Control using tcng and HTB HOWTO - traffic control is the term given to the entire packet queuing subsystem in a network or network device.
  • Transparent Proxy with Linux and Squid mini-HOWTO - provides information on how to setup a transparent caching HTTP proxy server using only Linux and squid.
  • Red Hat Linux 6.X as an Internet Gateway for a Home Network - a simple tutorial on configuring Red Hat 6 and related variants to operate as an internet gateway to a small home or office network. Top­ ics covered include masquerading, DNS, DHCP, and basic security.

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