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Recommended reading

  • Alsa-sound-mini-HOWTO - describes the installation of the ALSA sound drivers for Linux. These sound drivers can be used as a replacement for the regular sound drivers, as they are fully compatible.
  • The BTTV HOWTO - this document was written to assist the reader in the steps necessary to configure and use a video tuner card based on the popular Bt848 and Bt878 chipsets within the Linux operating system.
  • Linux DVD HOWTO - a (hopefully) easy to follow explanation on how to get DVD movie play­ back in Linux.
  • DVD Playback HOWTO - describes how to view DVD movies on a Linux computer with a DVD drive.
  • Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO - explains how to get various proprietary and restricted multimedia Damned Things (AVI, Flash, Java, MP3, MPEG, QuickTime, RealMedia, Windows Media) working under Fedora Core using your normal package-management tools. Includes Firefox-plugin instructions. Now with coverage of both 32- and 64-bit Intel-architecture systems.
  • The Linux MIDI-HOWTO - describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to play and sequence using MIDI under Linux.
  • MP3 Player Box HOWTO - describes how to build, configure, install, and use a custom MP3 player box. It lists the necessary hardware and answers a number of frequently asked questions.
  • Linux MP3 CD Burning mini-HOWTO - a complete recipe for creating audio and data CDs from MP3 files.
  • The Linux MP3-HOWTO - describes the hardware, software and procedures needed to encode, play, mix and stream MP3 sound files under Linux.
  • Sound Blaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO - describes how to install and configure a Sound Blaster 32 (SB AWE 32, SB AWE 64) card from Creative Labs in a Linux System using the AWE Sound Driver Extension written by Takashi Iwai. It also covers some special tools and players for the SB AWE series.
  • The Linux Sound HOWTO - describes sound support for Linux. It lists the supported sound hardware, describes how to configure the kernel drivers, and answers frequently asked questions.
  • The Linux Sound Playing HOWTO - lists the many sound formats and the applications that can be used to play them. It also lists some hacks and advice on using these applications.
  • Speech Recognition HOWTO - describes the basics of speech recognition and describes some of the available software.

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