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*      README.txt - PART OF PERSO 3.0
*      Author: Tilo Ulbrich <>

Perso - Utility for identity cards

Perso has three modi:
+ GENERATION "./perso --example [FIELD=VALUE...]" + EXTRACTION "./perso --extract FIELD ID-NUMBER" + CHECK "./perso --check ID-NUMBER"

Use "./perso --help" for another quick help;-) See "./scripts/" for some helpfull scripts. See "./doc/" for a full documentation.

Please update CURRENT_YEAR in "./src/"

For UNIX-systems use "./". This script compiles perso and creates a dynamically linked and a static binary.

If you want to use the scripts under "./scripts/" in combination with the static binary, delete "./bin/perso" and create a link from "./bin/perso.static" to "./bin/perso" ("ln -s perso.static perso").

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