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oTasks - A multi-users tasks management system

$Id: README,v 1.4 2002/08/26 13:28:22 swix Exp $ $Source: /cvsroot/otasks/otasks/README,v $

Welcome to oTasks!

more to come later... :-) Everything you are probably looking for is in the INSTALL file.

To discuss or get support about this program, please subscribe to the mailing list (see below), but please don't send private mail, or you will probably only get the standard "please ask on the ML" answer.

  • Copyright :

    oMail-admin is available under the GNU General Public License.

    If you want to show your appreciation of oMail-admin, please consider getting me one of the CDs from my CD Wishlist at CDNOW : <>. Please put your eMail address into the the Message area, so that I can thank you for your present :)

  • Project homepage :
  • CVS repository :
        cvs login
        cvs -z3 co otasks

        Or via CVS-web :

-- Olivier <>

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