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odsupdate is an ip update utility written for Open Domain Server ( It only updates 'A' type records.

odsupdate requires a python. Get python from

1) Unpack the tarball.
2) cd to the newly created directory.
3) Put the file odsupdate somewhere in your PATH.

[Example Usage]
$ odsupdate
$ odsupdate eg:3
$ odsupdate -t

It is possible to supply multiple hosts on the command line like in the first example

You shouldnt have to supply your ip on the command line like in the third example.

The script prompts you for your ODS username and password. If you want to run odsupdate in non-interactive mode open the script in your favourite text editor and modify the variables USER and PASSWD. I have put comments in the script to show which lines you need to change.

Comment/patches are most welcome.


Alex Mercader <> Fri Jun 14 16:35:24 WST 2002

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