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The following contains the information from the README file necessary to set up the Natrium Engine.

To compile this program, the following (along with appropriate dependencies) are needed:

        Ingres IR3
        The Natrium distro version of (in the src directory)

        Create a new glade project.

        NOTE: This project was originally created in Glade as a new GTK+
        projects.  However, choosing the Gnome option instead shouldn't cause
        any problems.  Ensure that the "Options > C Options > Set Widget Names"
        is checked before compiling the program.

        In "Options > General", change the path name of the project if so
        desired.  This will also change the name of the project and program.
        Change the Program name to 'natrium'.  Hit the OK button and save the

        In Glade, build the project.

        Copy the natrium.tar file to the new project's root directory and
        untar it there (tar -xvf natrium.tar).

        In the project's root directory, execute the script

        Change to the src directory and delete the callbacks.c and main.c

        Type make to compile the natrium engine (and it's glade interface).
        The output file is called 'natrium'.  Move this file to an appropriate
        bin directory.

        If, for any reason, the project needs to be completely recompiled again
        (i.e. changing one or more elements on a form), this can be quickly
        and efficiently accomplished by:
                1).     Making and saving the necessary changes in Glade.
                2).     Do a "rm *.c" in the project's source directory.
                3).     Build the Glade project.
                4).     Do a "rm callbacks.c main.c" in the src directory.
                5).     Do a make.

        Create a '.natrium' preferences file (a sample one is included.  It is
        called 'natrium_prefs').  This file needs to have, at a minimum, the
        name of the database being used.  An environment variable
        (NATRIUM_FILE) should contain the path and name of the preferences
        file (see the Natrium File section for all current options).

        Before running the natrium engine, a database needs to be set up.  The
        first thing that needs to be done is to set a database using the
        createdb command (e.g. createdb kronk).

        If the database server is not running, this will need to be corrected
        before databases can be created.  As the Ingres user, type in

        After the database is created, there are three scripts in the project's
        root directory which need to be run in the following order:
                sql {dbname} < create_maint_tables.sql
                sql {dbname} < create_new_procs.sql
                sql {dbname} < create_api_procs.sql

        Type in 'natrium', or click the natrium icon to bring up the program.
        At this point, data can be entered.

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