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mtxe - matrix engine

Yet another one :). I just had to do this since some of the ones that exist are so different than the movie. This was programmed with loyalty to the movie as first priority. This also was a project for learning more ncurses and dynamic memory usage.

See INSTALL for generic installing instructions. See COPYING for license (GPL).

If you have any feature-suggestions, bug-reports, patches, praise or spelling-corrections, they're welcome to /midianian/att/goth/dott/net/ (I'm very paranoid about spam though). Since my ego isn't big enough, I'd like to know if you're including mtxe in a distro or are re-distributing it just for the kicks :).

Quick Instructions

You have to have frag-opt installed before building mtxe, or you won't be able to use command-line switches.

  1. ./configure
  2. make
  3. make install (run as root if necessary)
  4. mtxe

For commandline options, run "mtxe -h".

Runtime commands

        Q       is fast-quit. It quits immediately.
        q       is slow-quit. It waits for all the units to go down (ie. get
                killed) before quitting. Fast-quit can be used while
                slow-quitting. Slow-quitting can be cancelled by pressing 'q'
                again before all of the units have got killed.
        0-9     are speed-controls. 9 is slowest and 0 is no-delay (as fast as
                your CPU can do and your terminal can output).
        space   is pause. You can exit pause by pressing space, Q, or q. Q and
                q act as usual (they quit mtxe).
        g       sets color to green.
        G       sets color to grey.
        r       sets color to red.
        b       sets color to blue.
        p       sets color to purple (or magenta).
        c       sets color to cyan.
        B       sets color to brown (on xterm this is yellow).
        d       sets debug-mode on. Debug-mode shows the amount of total units
                at the moment, the loop-execution-time (if you have a working
                gettimeofday() of ftime()), the time slept and the status of
                chaos in the lower left side of the screen.
        R       forces redrawing of the whole screen.

Current stage & Future

  • unlimited size (as large as ncurses can handle, I think)
  • unlimited number of units (supports more units than could be shown)
  • you can set the scrolling-speed both on commandline and while running
  • you can change the color both on commandline and while running
  • randomized events (temporarily halting units, characters that change,
  • temporary changes into old-style-scrolling)
  • screensaver-mode (exit at first keypress)
  • oldstyle-scrolling (a.k.a. uglystyle)
  • slow-quit (doesn't quit until all units are off-screen)
  • fast-quit (quits immediately after pressing 'Q')

Future Plans:

an SDL-interface for this

perhaps a xscreensaver-module-thingy-whatever as soon as I learn how to do one

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