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                         memory ibutton file manager
                                 version 0.1

 Copyright (c) 2000     Karl-Martin Skontorp <>
                        Martin Dahl <>

                        Anders Hermansen <>

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. For details read the included file COPYING.


  • The current implementation will delete all conntents on the iButton when uploading a file!
  • It will not warn you if you have a file with the same name as specified on the command-line when downloading. This will result in the local file getting overwritten with the contents from the file on the iButton.
  • Mibfm doesn't handle lost iButton connections very well.

  • Autoconf/automake.
  • List files on iButton.
  • Split the format/add command into two: format iButton, add file.
  • Manpage.
  • Better documentation.
  • Automatic naming of iButton files.
  • Support for more of the iButton filesystem facilities.
  • Progress bar.


A simple utility for uploading/downloading files to/from Memory-iButtons produced by Dallas Semiconductor. Compatible devices are DS1993, DS1995 and DS1996. Connection to the iButtons is through the DS9097U-9.

For more information on iButtons see:


Edit the Makefile and make necessary changes. Then do a make.

Any install routine in the Makefile is not provided.


To upload a file, called "README", to the DS1996 iButton:

mibfm -u README

To download a file from the DS1996 and save it as "COPYING":

mibfm -d COPYING

To upload "README" to the DS1993 iButton, and specify the filename on the button to be "READ":

mibfm -u README -b 3 -f READ

To download "READ" from the DS1993 to the local file "README":

mibfm -d README -b 3 -f READ

Se 'mibfm -h' for more information.


The routines for accessing the iButtons are from Dallas Semiconductors. Some of them are slightly modified.

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