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This README describes the contents of this dir and their file structure.

Last Edited, Dec 2nd 23:12 PM

Inside this dir (RuntimeSliders) are files with an .rts_conf extension. They are ASCII text files in .ini file format, using the common "section", "key", and "value" layout as shown below.


The rts_conf files define all of the sliders shown on the Runtime and Warmup-Wizard and VE3D pages. They get their data from the RealTimeMaps (rtv_map)

NOTES regarding the files:

  • The value names are CaSe SeNsItIvE, so be warned. Ironically the keys themselves are not, as the string compare functions are case insensitive.

[global] section
contains a "description" key (not really used in the code, but may be in the future
Also contains two more interger keys, rt_total_sliders, and ww_total_sliders defining the total number of sliders on the runtime and warmup wizard tabs respectively.

Following that are sections for each slider.

The sections are named [rt_slider_xx], rt for runtime,ww for warmup wizard and ve3d for the 3E VEtable viewer/editor.
the xx is a number starting at 0 and going up to rt/ww_total_sliders-1 (since we start from 0 not 1)

Inside each section are 4 keys;

slider_name     [string] name used to refer to this control
table           [integer] a table number in the window tab (or zero for warmup
                wizard), tables are arranged as follows (runtime tab):
                Table number can be 0 or 1 for the ve3d_rt_sliders as there
                are two tables (left and right column)
                Runtime tab uses 4 tables
                        [table 0][table 1]
                        [table 2][table 3]
                Warmup Wizard uses only 1 table
                VE3D Viewer PAge uses two tables
                        [table 0][table 1]
row             [integer], row of above table this control appears on.  You
                should NEVER put two sliders on the same table/row as they
                will cause a gui error.
source          [string]  This is the datasource name,  you get these from 
                looking into the RealTimeMap file and looking for the 
                "internal_name" key for the variable you're interested in.  
                Everything else is automagic. This is CaSe SenSiTiVe just so
                you know....

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