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Author : Guillaume Leclanche (Mo-Ize) <> Version : 2.0 beta 1
Date : 08 Feb 2003

MapMarkers is a simple set of perl modules and a C program; it aims at creating maps with markers.


  • Freetype2 library (required by GD2)
  • GD library (GD 2)
  • Perl GD module
    • Any Unix: perl -MCPAN -e 'install GD'
    • Debian: apt-get install libgd-gd2-perl

To install MapMarkers, just compile the overlap.c file, which is very easy, since a Makefile is provided, just type "make". Compiling it under other OS should also be very easy (just name the executable file "overlap"). Then you need to create a perl script to generate maps, see to know how to proceed.

NOTE: GD2 has been chosen to replace imlib2 in the 2.0 version. NOTE: If you want to give me the names of the packages needed for other

distributions than Debian GNU/Linux, do it ;-)


This programm has been really inspired by two programs:
  • xplanet ( Author: I have reused xplanet's overlap correction algorithm, and have ported it to C (which makes it quite faster than the C++ xplanet corrector).
  • Image::WorldMap ( Author: Léon Brocard The module API comes from this perl module.

A font is provided together with this program:

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