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This is MapEditor
This application allows the user to edit maps to be used with the NavSys system There's no mailing list, author's email is in AUTHORS file

To test the application

  • compile it (duh)
  • optionally, get the bluemarble files at the right files are

    MOD09A1.E.interpol.cyl.retouched.topo.bathymetry.3x21600x21600.gz MOD09A1.W.interpol.cyl.retouched.topo.bathymetry.3x21600x21600.gz but it can work with any of the 3x21600x21600 pairs then run the generate-mipmap program on them, to create the master backdrop file

  • get a trackfile from or from your NavSys system
  • start the application
  • click on File -> Load tracks from file the application should start drawing the track on the screen

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