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Ledcontrol 0.5.2

Please read this file before trying to use ledcontrol. It's not that long and it gives you some important information concerning configuration etc.

You can find a more thorough explanation of everything in the man pages (you can read them without installing with for example "./configure" "man ./ledd.8").

What is it?

Ledcontrol is a package designed to show any kind of information on the unused LEDs on your keyboard. Features include blinking LEDs, animations, priority levels etc. It is released under the GPL.

Included is the program gled, which helps you test different kinds of features in ledd.

Ledcontrol works both in X and on a text console.

How does it work?

Ledcontrol consists of several pieces:

ledd The LED daemon. ledd must be running when the other programs

        are used. On startup, it executes programs and/or scripts to
        tell it how to set the LEDs. It is configured in ledd.conf.

        The default script to start on startup. It should not be
        executed by the user. It is configured in ledcontrol.conf.


        A script that gives commands directly to ledd. Can be used
        from the command line to set the LED states.

gled A graphical front-end for ledcontrol useful for testing

commands and experimenting. Built only if GTK+ is found.


Basically you can install it with

make install

Before you install, you can see a bit of what it can do with "make test" (probably requires root access).

Then you have to configure it manually (mainly /usr/local/etc/ledcontrol.conf).

See file INSTALL a little more details.


Configuration is done in two files (the locations can be changed both at compile-time and at runtime):


        Normally doesn't need to be modified, as the defaults are
        pretty good.


Here you configure what the LEDs indicate.

The default files are pretty well documented. More documentation is found in the man pages ledd.conf(5) and ledcontrol.conf(5). The commands used in (and given to ledd) are documented thoroughly in the man page ledd(8), section COMMANDS.

Misc stuff

For some animations and a short help on how to use them, read the file ANIMATIONS.

To make ledcontrol more silent (no disk-access) see

The worst shortcomings are listed at the end of the man page ledd(8).


Main author:

Name: Sampo Niskanen

Debian maintainer:
Karl Söderström <>

You can always get the latest version of ledcontrol from

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