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lcdemu README

WHAT IS lcdemu

Lcdemu is a Matix Obital character display emulator. It was created to allow people to see how the orginal is looking like when it works. The further goal is to make it behave like the original but with the addition of lots of debugging options. And the last reason to create lcdemu was that people that only have a laptop but like gadgets like lcdproc can use them.


lcdemu is covered by the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). See COPYING for details.


Read ChangeLog for the latest news.


See INSTALL for general information.

Here a small help:

# ./configure
# make
# su -c "mkfifo /dev/lcd; chmod 666 /dev/lcd; make install"


After the install (see the section above) you only have to start lcdemu

# lcdemu

after that you can start a client. For example lcdproc that uses /dev/lcd to communicate with the display.

# LCDd

Easy ha ?


You can always get the newest version of lcdemu and more information from

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