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# $Id: README.Plugins,v 1.2 2004/06/01 06:04:25 reinelt Exp $ #

This file contains instructions for writing plugins to lcd4linux.

  • use the file 'plugin_sample.c' as a template
  • copy the file to 'plugin_yourname.c' and edit
  • replace the "$Id..." in the first line with "$Id\$" (without backslash)
  • add a short description what this plugin is for
  • add your copyright notice (important: your name and email)
  • replace the "$Log..." with "$Log\$" (without backslash)
  • remove all Log lines until "*/"
  • do some documentation (I know that real programmers write programs, not documentation)
  • use one or more of the example functions as templates for your own functions
  • register your new functions to the init() function, delete the sample ones
  • edit 'plugin.c', add a prototype and the call to your plugin_init_* function
  • edit '' and add your 'plugin_*.c' to lcd4linux_SOURCES
  • compile and test with interactive mode ('-i')
  • send me a patch (or check in if you have developer CVS access)
  • enjoy

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