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Kde application framework template quickstart Author: Thomas Nagy
Date: 2004-03-22

This README file explains you basic things for starting with this application template.

** Building and installing **

  • Build the configure script by "make -f Makefile.cvs"
  • To clean, use "make clean", and to clean everything (remove the makefiles, etc), use "make distclean"
  • To distribute your program, try "make dist". This will make a compact tarball archive of your release with the necessary scripts inside.
  • Modifying the auto-tools scripts for automake scripts there is an excellent tutorial there :
  • Simplify your life : install the project in your home directory for testing purposes. ./configure --prefix=/home/user/dummyfolder/ In the end when you finished the development you can rm -rf /home/user/dummyfolder/ without fear.

** Technologies **

  • Build the menus of your application easily kde applications now use an xml file (*ui.rc file) to build the menus. This allow a great customization of the application. However, when programming the menu is shown only after a "make install"

For more details, consult :

  • Use KConfig XT to create your configuration dialogs and make them more maintainable.

For more details, consult :

  • With KParts, you can embed other kde components in your program, or make your program embeddable in other apps. For example, the kmplayer kpart can be called to play videos in your app.

For more details, consult :

** Documentation **

  • For the translations : 1. Download a patched gettext which can be found at: 2. Install that gettext in ~/bin/ 3. cd ~/yourproject, export PATH=~/bin:$PATH, export KDEDIR=/where_your_KDE3_is 4. make -f admin/Makefile.common package-messages 5. make package-messages 6. Translate the po files (not the pot!!) with kbabel or xemacs
  • Do not forget to write the documentation for your kde app edit the documentation template index.docbook in doc/

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