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kmamu is a set of shell scripts which will assist in the installation and maintainence of MAMu_'s xmame icons for the X Windows System.


kmamu is designed to work with the konquerer web browser. If you do not have KDE installed on your system you may still use the icons, however you will need to use the konquerer web browser in order to launch xmame by clicking on an icon. Please feel free to send me any enhancements you make to these script files to work with any other desktop environments. konquerer can be obtained from the KDE web page at

The kmamu shell scripts also require that you have xmame installed. xmame is the unix port of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). These script files do not require that you have ROMs for the games, however you will need ROMs if you wish to play any of the games that xmame supports. For more information on xmame, please visit for the unix port and for the original DOS version.

Finally, these script files require that you have downloaded the icon pack(s) available at my web page. These icons were originally created by MAMu_ for MAME32, and then converted by me to the X Windows System using netpbm. If you are installing these icons for the first time, you may download any icon pack which you want to install, or you may download the all_icons.tar if you wish to install all the icons at one time. For more information on MAMu_'s icons, please visit For information on the X icons, visit

The links listed above and e-mail address are listed at the end of this document in the CONTACTS section.


To properly install the icons using the kmamu shell scripts, you must first edit the kmamu-defines file. After you have edited this file, all you need to do is run the kmamu-install file by typing ./kmamu-install


If you have installed all the icons and wish to continue to maintain your icons as new versions of MAME are released, then you may use some of the other shell scripts provided in this package to help you.

kmamu-install: This script file is used to initially install your icons onto a KDE desktop (see INSTALLATION above). You can also use this script file to update your icons when new icon packs come out. Simply put the update pack in the directory specified in the kmamu-defines file and run the script to add the updated icons. If this script is run without any icon packs, it will check to see if any clones are missing and create any kde link files for any missing clones.

kmamu-checkdups: This script file is used to check for duplicate icons in your collection of icons. Duplicate icons are sometimes necessary, however, to save space you can create links for these icons. The only case in which a duplicate icon is not necessary is when a game's clone icon is identical to it's parent icon. This will happen occassionally as games are shuffled around through subsequent xmame releases. In these cases you can remove the clone icon, and edit the clone's kdelnk file so that the icon points to the parent icon instead.

kmamu-listmissing: This script will list any games in which no KDE link file exists. There are a handful of games which do not yet have icons, but these games do not work properly anyway. This script file can also be used to determine if any long game name descriptions have changed in the latest xmame release. This script file may become more advanced in the future to help you rename KDE link files to match the latest xmame description names.

kmamu-listold: This script will check the icons you have installed and make sure the current version of xmame recognizes their names. As game names are renamed, this script can be used to find which icons are no longer needed due to short game names.


If you have any questions about the kmamu shell scripts or the MAMu_ icons, please feel free to contact us. For questions regarding the kmamu shell scripts, or the conversion of icons to the X Windows System, contact me (Christopher Stone). For questions regarding the icons themselves, please contact MAMu_.

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