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This is the readme file for the kiscsiadm

In General :
kiscsiadm is a QT-frontend for the iscsiadm. It is designed to work with open-iscsi.

The kiscsiadm is using the iscsiadm objects (iscsiadm -> open-iscsi project) to create a "libiscsi"-> you need to have open-iscsi installed + compiled before. This library is then used to link and run the kiscsiadm.bin binary. The small wrapper script "kiscsiadm" (in the kiscsiadm src dir) is used to eventually pre-load the libiscsi (e.g. in case kiscsiadm is started from the src dir) and then start the kiscsiadm.bin (the actually application binary).

Features :
- discover an iscsi-target by ip + port number - connect/disconnect available target(s) by double-click - profile-based organization of the iscsi-target configurations (new/open/save/save-as/default profile management) - display connection status in a graphical way

- open-iscsi - QT library (kiscsiadm was developed using qt 3.3.4)

Known Bugs :
(initial release)
Currently kiscsiadm only works with one target per discoverd iscsi-target. -> It discovers all targets correctly but gives "cnx" errors when trying

to connect to one of them (with only one target it works correctly). I re-checked it more than twice but could not find the error yet. Help is welcome.

Compile/Install :
If you want to compile kiscsiadm by yourself you just need to run :

make OPEN_ISCSI_SRC=[path-to-your-open-iscsi-src-dir]

You need to have open-iscsi compiled before because the make procedure will first create a "libiscsi" from the iscsiadm objects which will be used to link the kiscsiadm.

A successfull make procedure will produce the "kiscsiadm.bin" binary which can be started by the "kiscsiadm" script in the kiscsiadm src directory. -> This script pre-loads the libiscsi library so it does not need to be installed on system level.

To install the kiscsiadm at system level run :

make install OPEN_ISCSI_SRC=[path-to-your-open-iscsi-src-dir]

You can also create an rpm-package in an easy way by running :

make rpm OPEN_ISCSI_SRC=[path-to-your-open-iscsi-src-dir]

This will create the common .tar.gz, rpm- and srpm-packages for your linux distribution.

To uninstall you can run :

make uninstall OPEN_ISCSI_SRC=[path-to-your-open-iscsi-src-dir]

RPM-installation :
To install the pre-compiled/binary version of the kiscsiadm run (as root) :

rpm -ihv kiscsiadm-[version].rpm

To uninstall simply run (as root) :

rpm -e kiscsiadm

I hope this free software is usefull for you. Your comments/questions/feature-request/bug-reports/bug-fixes+patches are more than welcome.

M. Rechenburg

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