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KDMM, version 0.6.1
Measuring with digital multimeters - for KDE

This is the ultra-short readme file for KDMM.

- Unix operating system, POSIX Threads, Qt, KDE >= 1.x

...more specific: At present, successfully tested only on Linux. For development, KDE 1 was used. It should (may?) work with KDE 2, but this was not tried yet.

Author, Copyright, License:

KDMM was written by and is Copyright (C) 1999-2000 by Michael Weers.

KDMM may be distributed and used under the GNU General Public License. The DMM_core library included in this distribution may be distributed and used unter the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The author's e-mail address is:

There is a homepage for KDMM:

All company and product names mentionend here are property of their respective owners.

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