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Jakub Travnik's textmode user interface (JTTui) README

timestamp: 2002-04-06 18:55 CEST

Quick FAQ, please read it:

Q: What is TUI?
A: textmode user interface.

Q: Is it usable?
A: Yes, but it is not much documented how to use it. No warranties anyway.

Q: What's the license?
A: TUI under ruby's license. Read doc/LICENSE file for more.

Q: Can I use it under GPL?
A: Yes, see details in doc/LICENSE

Q: Can I use this to do my business without releasing my changes? A: It is possible, see details in doc/LICENSE

Anyway your patches and additions are welcome. Also you may benefit from them being in official jttui distribution so we will test it with future versions.

Q: What is ruby?
A: Ruby is excellent programming language by Yukihiro Matsumoto.

Ruby home page is Tui is programmed in ruby and ruby knowledge is required to use this. If you want to learn ruby, buy book "Programming Ruby

  • The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide" or download it at Q: What platforms can this run? A: Any unix-like with curses library, MS Windows with Cygwin.

    I'm developing it under Linux (Mandrake 8.0). See doc/PLATFORMS for reports of success or failure reports. Most parts of Tui are portable, it won't be hard to rewrite mouse, key and curses modules to another different platform (such as Windows or Mac).

    1, Installing 2, Hacking 3, History

1, Installing

Newer version of JTTui will be accessible at

Get recent ruby distribution You may have it already (i.e. Linux-Mandrake 8.0). Note: I have seen problems with ruby 1.6.1 (in Linux-Mandrake 7.2) Version 1.6.2 worked fine for me, but it contains known bugs. You should use latest stable.
See doc/PLATFORMS for success or failure reports with ruby versions and .

first you have to compile jtcur.c ($ sign means your prompt) $ ruby extconf.rb
$ make
now you should have

Running examples to test if it works:
$ cd examples
$ ruby example
where example is any of example-*.rb files

Installing files (as root)
$ make install
or to install in $PREFIX/local/...
$ make site-install

You will have to define keys on first run for every terminal type. By default C-c (note: we use emacs naming for keys, it means ^c) will break program (this can be disabled).

Uninstalling is not supported by makefile. Manual way comprises of deleteting jttui directory where it has been installed (usualy in /usr/lib/ruby/1.6/) and in its architecture directory delete

2, Hacking

If you want to make changes, please contact me by email. I may have have newer version than you. You can then also get better image about what I'm going to do. Don't hesitate to ask how are things working because there is almost no documentation yet. I'm going to write it. There is no CVS access, nor any other versioning system used yet. I will probably use CVS in future.

3, History

see file doc/AUTHORS for details about developers of JTTui see file doc/THANKS for people who helped.

This project was started by Jakub Travnik. JTCur library is based on curses.c from ruby 1.6.4 source tree, it was made by MAEDA Shugo ( and modified by Yukihiro Matsumoto ( and then heavily modified by Jakub Travnik to fit to JTTui project.
All other files (except for contrib directory) were written by Jakub Travnik.

__ end of README file __

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