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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 20:16:04 +0200
From: Tim Yunaev <>
Reply-To: Tim Yunaev <>
Message-ID: <>
To: Moritz Both <>
Subject: Re[2]: IPAC contrution: using IPAC and MRTG

Hello Moritz,

Friday, February 25, 2000, 7:37:39 PM, you wrote:

MB> I think it is a great idea to integrate ipac and mrtg. Could you just MB> write a few words about what your contributaion does and why and how?

Yes, you're right :)

How it works:
Mrtg reads its own configuration file, specified by line in crontab (look for mrtg manual page for details) and run specified in "target" my program "ipaccount". It started with command line param - regexp for search all ip-accounting chains (by call 'ipacsum' from ipac package) and print found chain data in mrtg format. Mrtg give it and write own graphs.

How I make it:
1. I install ipac and mrtg packages and add "/usr/local/bin/ipacset" to the end of my rc.firewall script (ipac is good - it is not destroy my own firewall rules, so it is safe).

2. I write ipac.conf file (example added) with all my-need accounting chains. Look for chain names - this will be use in regexps later, so select it carefully.

3. I write mrtg.conf (example added). In "target" field I call "ipaccount" in "/usr/lib/mrtg/ipaccount 15m all" - is "get data from chain 'all' for last 15 minutes '15m'" - because my MRTG called every 15 minutes in my crontab.

4. I test my system by manually call this MRTG string - it must print two or more (up to 4) numbers with first is incoming traffic, and second - outgoing.

5. I wait 15 minutes and look to MRTG generated pages. If some troubles here - 99% that trouble is in mrtg or ipac configuration, so see depended manual pages and FAQs.

That's all :)
Hello from Ukraine :)

Best regards,

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