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--- IberAgents ---

Version 1.2, September 2004

Copyright (C) 2001 - 2004 Ibermatica, S.A.

Av Partenon 16-18 - 28042 Madrid - SPAIN

Contact person: Alex Fernandez (

--- 0. Contents ---

  1. Quick Start
  2. License
  3. Requirements
  4. Installation
  5. Compilation and Build
  6. Documentation
  7. Contributions

--- 1. Quick Start ---

IberAgents is a Java framework for agent development, geared towards web service communications.

To start the IberAgents platform, just use the included shell script "" (for Linux) or the batch file "iberagents.bat" (for Windows). You should be able to access the agent monitor at the URL

http://localhost:8004/iberagents/platform?component=com.iberagents.task.Monitor (default username and password are both "admin").

--- 2. License ---

IberAgents is (C) 2004 Ibermatica, S.A.

IberAgents is distributed under the GNU General Public License; you should have received a copy of the license in a file called LICENSE placed in the root directory of the application.

In case the uses allowed in the General Public License are too restrictive for you, we would be happy to provide other options. For other licensing options please contact

Aureo Diaz-Carrasco (

--- 3. Requirements ---

IberAgents requires version 1.3 or later of Java Runtime Environment, available at
Efforts are underway to make a version compatible with gcj, so that code can be compiled natively using gcc for java.

IberAgents uses an internal XML library, iberxml, also distributed by Ibermatica.

Persistence can be achieved either using regular XML files or through a database; it has been tested for MySQL and PostgreSQL. If this option is chosen, the JDBC drivers must be present in the classpath.

IberAgents also uses several third party libraries, including:

They are distributed along with the application, in the "lib/" directory. We believe we have complied with the licensing terms of all libraries; if you find any irregularity, please contact

Alex Fernandez (

--- 4. Installation ---

IberAgents does not require any installation; just unzip the provided file:

$ unzip
or decompress it using tar:

$ tar -xzf iberagents.tar.gz
depending on the extension of the file you obtained.

--- 5. Compilation and Build ---

At the root directory you will find two files, ".classpath" and ".project"; they are the project files. You can import the IberAgents project into eclipse directly; just import an existing project and specify the root directory when asked.

The build process uses Apache Ant. The file "build.xml" included in the root directory should build the application. To compile and create "iberagents.jar", you have to install Apache Ant, and include ant in your environment's path. Then simply type at the root directory

$ ant
and the build will start. You will get "iberagents.jar" in the directory "dist/"; then all unit tests will be run; and finally the distribution is packaged.

--- 6. Documentation ---

The file "index.html" in the root directory of the application should be the first place to look.

You can find complete documentation for the platform in the "docs/" directory.
It is also online at

--- 7. Contributions ---

Contributions to IberAgents code are most welcome. Please subscribe to the mailing list (see below) to submit any corrections or patches (preferably in Unix format).

There is a CVS repository at; however, for security reasons anonymous access to it is not enabled at the moment. Please contact us if you need access to the repository.

We encourage you to send feature requests and bug reports. Please take into account that our resources are limited, and we will develop first those features requested by our internal projects; but we are also interested in extending the platform in other directions. Any bugs will be dealt with asap.

--- 8. Contact Information ---

There is a mailing list with public archives at You can subscribe by sending an empty mail to or from the list page The list is targeted towards users and developers of the platform alike.

Please send any comments to

Alex Fernandez (

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