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This is the standard set of AIML files.

They require a bot that is AIML 1.0 complient.

Starting with Program D release 4.1.2, the "startup.aiml" file has been eliminated, along with the std-bot.aiml file.

Program D now uses the file "startup.xml" to set all bot specific values, and then loads all AIML file which are in the specified bot AIML directory.

  1. std-*.aiml The basic standard set, should be guaranteed as compliant with a given level of AIML. They are becoming a "generic" reference, with as many personality and gender specific categories removed as possible.
  2. dev-*.aiml Experimental set, should vary from bot to bot. They contain proprietary/experimental/work-in-progress AIML.
  3. per-*.aiml Equivalent to std-*.aiml but with a customization of the bot personality; this is a work of a specific botmaster.

If you find errors, please bring them to my attention on the ALICEBOT General list.

Links to it can be found at

Thomas Ringate

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