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GnomeTREK, v0.7.0
By Lee Mallabone <> and Robert Mibus <>

See the file NEWS for info about each version.


make install

rpm -ivh gnometrek-VERSION.i386.rpm


Choose "GnomeTREK" from the Multimedia section of your Gnome Main menu. The first time you run it, you will be asked for the mount point of your CD-ROM drive.

For any non-technically minded people, this means the directory that you browse when you want to access your CD-ROM drive.

The main screen should then appear. There are currently three notebook tabs to choose from - you may search either the encyclopedia, the episode guide, or the chronology of the Trek universe.
Whichever you choose, enter your search string into the text box, and click search (or hit return).

The search will then begin - this can take upto 10 seconds on slow CD drives, so please be patient. If you have the data installed to HD it should only take a second or two.

The results will then load into the list below the search text. Clicking on a result will display the more detailed info in the box at the bottom of the program.


If for some reason you entered your CD-ROM drive incorrectly, and now gnometrek refuses to start, then remove the following file: ~/.gnome/gtrek
as this is what keeps a record of your CD drive. That should not be necessary though; it should be changeable through the preferences dialog.

My advice on running configure is thus: if you installed gnome from rpm's, run './configure --prefix=/usr' if you installed gnome from tarballs, run './configure --prefix=/usr/local' and so on, depending upon your gnome prefix directory.

Bug Reports

Please send comments, bug reports, suggestions etc. to me, Lee Mallabone at
If there's a feature you really want added, let me know - I can't guarantee anything, but if you would find it useful, chances are others would to.

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