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<title>ADODB Manual</title>
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<h3>ADOdb Library for PHP</h3>
<p>ADOdb is a suite of database libraries that allow you to connect to multiple

databases in a portable manner. Download from <a href=></a>;. <ul><li>The ADOdb documentation has moved to <a href=docs-adodb.htm>docs-adodb.htm</a>

This allows you to query, update and insert records using a portable API. <p><li>The ADOdb data dictionary docs are at <a href=docs-datadict.htm>docs-datadict.htm</a>.

This allows you to create database tables and indexes in a portable manner. <p><li>The ADOdb database performance monitoring docs are at <a href=docs-perf.htm>docs-perf.htm</a>.

This allows you to perform health checks, tune and monitor your database. <p><li>The ADOdb database-backed session docs are at <a href=docs-session.htm>docs-session.htm</a>. </ul>
Make sure you are running PHP4.0.4 or later. Unpack all the files into a directory accessible by your webserver. <p>
To test, try modifying some of the tutorial examples. Make sure you customize the connection settings correctly. You can debug using: <pre>

$db = <b>ADONewConnection</b>($driver); # eg. 'mysql' or 'oci8' $db->debug = true;
$db-><b>Connect</b>($server, $user, $password, $database); $rs = $db-><b>Execute</b>('select * from some_small_table'); print "&lt;pre>";
print "&lt;/pre>";
<h3>How are people using ADOdb</h3>
Here are some examples of how people are using ADOdb (for a much longer list, visit <a href=""></a>;): <ul>

        <li> <strong>PhpLens</strong> is a commercial data grid component that allows 
                both cool Web designers and serious unshaved programmers to develop and 
                maintain databases on the Web easily. Developed by the author of ADOdb. 
        <li> <strong>PHAkt</strong>: PHP Extension for DreamWeaver Ultradev allows 
                you to script PHP in the popular Web page editor. Database handling provided 
                by ADOdb. </li>
        <li> <strong>Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID)</strong>: PHP-based 
                analysis engine to search and process a database of security incidents 
                generated by security-related software such as IDSes and firewalls (e.g. 
                Snort, ipchains). By Roman Danyliw. </li>
        <li> <strong>PostNuke</strong> is a very popular free content management system 
                and weblog system. It offers full CSS support, HTML 4.01 transitional 
                compliance throughout, an advanced blocks system, and is fully multi-lingual 
                enabled. </li>
        <li><strong> EasyPublish CMS</strong> is another free content management system 
                for managing information and integrated modules on your internet, intranet- 
                and extranet-sites. From Norway. </li>
        <li> <strong>NOLA</strong> is a full featured accounting, inventory, and job 
                tracking application. It is licensed under the GPL, and developed by Noguska. 


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