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ftctl - Control Program for ELV Funktimer

ftctl is a simple command line Interface for controlling the ELV Funktimer FS 10 PC. It should also work on the Funktimer FS 10 FT.

It allows syncing your system time with the build in DCF77 receiver (requires root-privileges) as well as executing native timer commands.

I actualy use the timer to remote power on/off my desktop machine from the server machine which is running all the time.

See the provided manpage for timer commands.

Information about the hardware device can be found on the Web at

Credits go to ELV GmbH for providing specs and the developers of wine ( for giving me the posibility to see what the windows Software actually did.

Sourcecode is (c) 1999 by Sven Geggus <> (see LICENCE file for details)

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