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Electrocardiognosis (short: ecgnosis) is a system consisting of a small device which records and stores a digitized electrocardiogram of a patient for 24h. This is then transfered into an IBM-PC running Linux and postprocessed, resulting in interractive graphics to assist an investigator into making a diagnosis of the electrical activity of the patient's heart.

This is a widely used medical investigation named `Holter recording' or `24h ambulatory ECG monitoring'.

The SRC directory contains the `ecgnosis' program which performs this postprocessing. Schematics, pcb sketches and source for firmware, manuals (which are currently mostly in Romanian) and other components will be released at a later date.

The SRC/example.gwo is a short (a few minutes) example recording. A 24h recording occupies about 8MB. If you have X11, after installing the wiport, ilfive, grx and gsl libraries and modifying paths in the makefile accordingly run:

make ecgnosis-x11

and this should create the ecgnosis-x11 executable. Then:

ecgnosis-x11 -g example

should open the recording and display the first few seconds on the screen.

Electrocardiognosis was developed in 1991-1996, initially on MS-DOS, then ported to linux+svgalib and it was mostly used in this later incarnation on 486 computers and old pentium computers. It is the same Electrocardiognosis holter for which Linux device 54 char is allocated (see the `devices.txt' file in kernel-doc).

Although this is a relatively tested system with which one of the authors and a few friends and colleagues performed thousands of recordings, the port to X11 was only done recently, for the purpose of releasing it as open-source and it is not very stable.

The SRC/holter directory contains the firmware in 68HC11 assembly and the corresponding software (on MS-DOS or Linux) to connect to this program and transfer recordings. The firmware also contains the compression program for the holter recordings.

The SCHEMATICS directory contains the schematics of the device, in OrCad v2 or so. We don't have this program anymore (they were made in 1994) so we would appreciate if someone who does could print all files as postscript files and send them to us.


Radu Corlan,
Alexandru Corlan,
Marius Seritan.

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