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CURSEL (c) 1999,2000,2002 by David Stes . All Rights Reserved.

CURSEL is a freeware FMLI implementation, a small language that allows you to quickly make a form- and menu- based character interface to shell scripts and other programs.

CURSEL filenames normally start with either "Menu", "Form" or "Text".

For example, the command,

./cursel Menu.example

would interpret the contents of the file "Menu.example" and display an example Menu.

CURSEL provides a language similar to the AT&T FMLI shell. Note that the language is similar to, but certainly not the same as, a /bin/sh shell; in particular, backquoted expressions are NOT evaluated by a shell such as BASH, but rather by the builtin CURSEL "shell" (which does not have all features of e.g. BASH).

There are also a few CURSEL extensions:

  1. text frames can use the "alignment" descriptor, a CURSEL extension, which allows you to left or right align text in a Text frame (centering and justification is also supported).
  2. backquoted expressions can use () grouping of parentheses, as in the UNIX shell




See for example : UNIX SVR4 Programmer's Guide Character User Interface (FMLI and ETI)", by The UNIX System Group, UNIX Press.

Published 1992, Prentice Hall PTR (ISBN 0-13-020637-7).


Read the LICENSE file (the "GNU General Public License").

I am distributing CURSEL under the GPL so that improvements that you may make to CURSEL can get back into the "main" CURSEL sources, so that everybody may benefit from this.

David Stes

CURSEL homepage : Alternate download :

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