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This version of Bidwatcher was spun off from version 1.0.4b as downloaded from the original Bidwatcher Web site after its creator, Trent McNair, announced he would discontinue development.

At around the same time this development project was begun at SourceForge, Wayne Schlitt <> began development of his own. Neither of us was aware of the other's work until late in March. I realized that Schlitt had done much more extensive work than I had. At the same time, he expressed disinterest in continuing development. So we agreed to merge the two source trees together again and have development continue on SourceForge.

This is still in process; I have had unexpected limits on my time, and Schlitt has continued development outside of SourceForge in the interest of keeping a public version of Bidwatcher working. The source code you have in hand is a result of the most recent merge of Schlitt's code with the SourceForge CVS tree and should be considered unstable/pre-release quality.

This version was written specifically for Linux, with some added support for FreeBSD. There is a separate version for Windows, but maintenance of it is on hold since I do not have access to the Borland OWL tools that were used to build it. Ideally I would like to see a unified code base that can be built with GNU tools on all platforms (including Cygwin for Windows). This may require dumping the Qt library in favor of another GUI library, one that is both cross-platform and truly open. (Qt/Windows is a prohibitively expensive commercial product.)

If you want to help the development effort, come visit the Bidwatcher project Web site

Larry Gilbert <> 17 Apr 2000

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