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i2c-test.c - test correctness of I2C controller block. Use voltage meter to

        check if SDA/SCL on both PCFs goes up/down as the test program sets
        them up/down. Check if read values are same as set values.

        SDA high - set:
                LPT pin 9 should be low
                LPT pin 11 should be low
                pins 1 and 4 on 74LS05 should be high
        SDA low gives opposite values (i.e. high instead of low,
                low instead of high)

        SCL high - set:
                LPT pin 17 should be low
                LPT pin 15 should be high
                pins 6 and 9 on 74LS05 should be high
                pins 8 and 11 on 74LS05 should be low
        SCL low gives opposite values.

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