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Although there is no warranty provided with this project, I would welcome any comments, problem reports and other feedback you may have concerning this software.

I can only guarantee that acarsd occupies disk space and is free of any viruses when used from the original package. The programmer cannot be held responsible for damages to the hard disk and/or any other files. acarsd has been programmed with the utmost care, and has been tested for several months on various systems. This version runs stable and does not show any major errors.

         It is not allowed to monitor all radio frequencies in every country! 
              Check with your local authorities prior to use ACARS data. 
           The author cannot be held responsible for any legal consequences 

The acarsd project uses software from the following sources: jpeg.c and wrgif.c from libjpeg to convert .jpg files to .gif

Compression routines by:

zip.h -- IO for compress .zip files using zlib Version 1.00, September 10th, 2003

Copyright (C) 1998-2003 Gilles Vollant

GD 1.3 from

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