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Welcome to Perl Secure Conf (PSC)!

PSC is a project that allows you to securely pass sensitive configuration data to unsecure perl scripts. A classic example of this is a system or cgi script that need to update a database. Since a perl script must be readable by the user running it, they can also read the password to connect to the DB. You could run your script as setuid, but this can open security holes and you also have to write or convert your script to taint mode (which isn't a bad idea, but lets face it, not everyone wants to :)

I make no guarantees at all that this is completely secure, But I think it will protect you from all but the most determined hackers... It should certainly add a level of security to your data. This is still in the alpha stages and I may have missed things. But it seems secure.

But anyway, this is still in the alpha stage, so take it with a grain of salt. I realize it is by no means perfect, but it will improve as I get feedback. Let me know how it is working for you. I may be contacted at or through the psc mailing list at:

I am available for contract work, should anyone be interested.

Thanks a lot, and bear with me, I know this isn't the best documentation, it'll get better over time... maybe I will even add a FAQ.

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