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-Launch the program with the command "kommplot". The view is always empty at launch time.
-In the main dialog box, click on "Command..." to attach a new command to the current view. The "Command" dialog opens up. -Now enter a new command in the "new command" edit line, e.g.

du -ks $HOME

The output of the command must have the following syntax:


Items in parentheses are optional. Output which does not conform to this syntax will be interpreted as 0.
You may use the "Test" button to execute the command. Watch for the output (which is directed to stdout) in the "Test-output" control. -At this point you can click on "Store" to save the command for further use. (Stored commands will be saved in $HOME/.kommplotrc and reloaded every time KommPlot gets executed.)
A list of previously stored commands is shown at the bottom of the dialog. By clicking on one of the listed commands, it will be copied to the "new command" edit line.
Select a command and click on 'Delete' to remove a stored command from the list.
-Click "Ok" to accept the entered / selected command. The "Command" dialog is then closed.
-Use the slider on the right side to specify the desired time interval (in seconds). The command will be executed and graphed every time the specified time interval has elapsed.
-During execution of the command, the rectangle on the left turns yellow; after execution it turns black again and the next time interval begins. -Use the 'Diff' checkbutton to view the differences between the measurements. -You can add additional commands to be viewed by clicking on the "New" button in the top left corner. A new view gets created and you will be asked for a command to be attached.
-Use the combobox to select from the available views. -Use the 'Remove' button to remove the view. This command is only available when more than one view is open.
-Use the 'Now' button to override the current time interval. The command gets executed immediately and a new time interval begins. -Use the 'Clear' button to clear the view. -The buttons 'Clear', 'Now', 'Command...' and 'Remove' always apply to the current view.

some examples:

          du -ks $HOME
          df -b | grep "^/usr/export" | awk -F" " '{print $2}'
          ps -ae | wc -l
          ls -la /tmp/ | tail +4 | wc -l
          who -q | grep -v "# users=" | tr " " "\n" | sort -u | wc -l
          netstat | grep ESTABLISHED | wc -l

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