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KaBlam - A non-linear text mangler

() What is KaBlam?
KaBlam is a non-linear way of organizing and writing text. In your favorite text editor, you would find everything set out from top to bottom. If you wanted to move a paragraph, well you'd have to cut it, then paste it elsewhere. This can get messy, and at the very least, takes a long time. KaBlam organizes text into nodes that can be thrown about at will. Each node has a bit of text associated with it, and can have children. This tree of nodes can then be compiled into a flat text file, by taking all of the text from the nodes in pre-order. KaBlam features a ClipBook, where you can store nodes for later re-use, and a stack-based clipboard that can hold entire trees. KaBlam is designed to allow multiple interfaces; currently there is a simple curses interface inspired by pine and mutt.

() You will need...

  • Python 2.3 or higher. (You know you want the string[::-1])
  • ncurses

The program is written in Python, so it doesn't require compilation. In fact, it should run right out of this directory. Furthermore, I don't guarantee that it will work anywhere else. :) There is a makefile that will, at your own risk, attempt to install the program on your system. Don't expect it to work. I've even put in a 'make uninstall' target in anticipation of the moment you realize this program is utter bug-ridden crap.

() XML
The document trees are stored in XML, so they could concievably be loaded into other programs. Let me know if you do this, so I can tell you you're crazy. :)

() I'm confused. KaBlam starts with a 'K'. Shouldn't it be a KDE app? Nope. You see, "ka-blam" actually starts with a 'k'. If it were a KDE app, I would have added an extra 'k', like "KKaBlam". If anyone makes a KDE interface for KaBlam, I'm sure we'll have to suffer this indignity. :)

() I'm confused. This is written in python, shouldn't it be 'pyKaBlam'? Nope. Seriously, I don't need to flaunt the fact that I know python. It's not that big of a deal. :)

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