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=== AVRsimu ===

AVRsimu is simulator for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. It has a command line interface, graphical interfaces may follow. AVRsimu tries to stay small and portable.

For more Information, see

=== Usage ===

usage: /home/jonas/workspace/AVRsimu/src/avrsimu <hexfilename>

Type <?> once AVRsimu started for further help.

== Compilation ==

AVRsimu only requires make and a c compiler (e.g. gcc) do build. To compile, simply type "make" in the top directory.

== Changelog ==

This only summarizes changes between releases. See the ChangeLog file (created with cvs2cl -t) for more details.

0.1.4 Some major Bugfixes and Changes
- Critical Bugs fixed
- New Instructions
- Output beautification
- Preparations to support additional MCU variants

0.1.3 First official Release

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