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$Id: README,v 1.8 2003/12/16 21:34:53 rwuest Exp $

This is README for the spgmr08 program, version 0.11, a Linux project to make a Free programmer for the Motorola 68HC908 processor. It works with the MC68HC908GP32 (M68SPGMR08 Serial Programmer with an ICD08GP20 board) and MC68HC908AB32 (M68ICSAB32).

See the file INSTALL for installion instructions

Some operating instructions:

When started, the server has no cpu selected: you must now use the cpu command to tell it the target is a gp32 or ab32 on /dev/ttyS1. Tkspgmr will init the server to cpu gp32. Use Target->CPU->Select.. to change the cpu and/or serial port.

To bypass security, use `reset;scodes from file' where file is the name of an s19 file containing the current security codes. Erasing an ab32 in tkspgmr will do the erase, then attempt to reset with blank values.

To erase a part, use the command `erase'. This should erase the part, whether security was bypassed or not. A gp32 seems to need a reset with blank values before it can be programmed after this.

To bypass security on an erased part, use `reset;scodes try blank'. You'll need to do this after erasing if you had not bypassed security before.

To program a part, use `program from file', where file is the name of an s19 file containing the data to program. The part is verified as it is programmed, however, you can verify with `verify from file'.

You can reate a script to automate this. For example, to program a file named "xxx.hex", you could make a text file with the following lines:

reset;scodes try blank
reset;scodes try blank
program from xxx.hex

Save that to a file called "program" and run it with `source program'.

The GUI, tkspgmr, has been updated for this release.The server is now started automatically. Start and stop menu items have been added to the server dropdown.

The file to work with must be selected before you can program.

Those I'm sure buttons keep me from hitting the wrong thing. You'll have to enable them before the function next to them will work. Like to erase, you'll have to set the I'm sure I'm sure radio button next to the erase button on.

Command line processing has not been updated, only the cli and GUI are working. I see no point in making extra work for myself and there's no sense working n the command line interface till all the functionality works. And it is tons easier to debug with the cli, trust me.

You will have to have PCCTS to compile this. I have included a stripped executable in the tarball. It should run from anywhere, however it expects to find the modules "eras_gp32.s19" and program_gp32.s19" in the current directory. Those will get moved to some configurable location in the future, probably defaulting to /usr/local/lib/spgmr08.

See the file, design.txt, for more info.



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