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setiview is a simple frontend for the data spat out by the seti@home client ( It's a ncurses program that presents the data in a more ...presentable manner.

Why did I write it? Well, because I usually run a bunch of setiathome clients remotely and put them all into a screen(1). It's not immediately obvious which computer I'm looking at and it's not immediately obvious how many "work units" it had processed thus far.

I copied interface ideas from the screenshot of the windows screensaver and I added a counter to it that counts the blocks finished by the particular client (since the server tells you how many you've done overall). This helps in gauging relative speeds of computers and such.


To run it, run setiview and then the commandline for setiathome. I normally run it as such:

setiview ./setiathome -nice 20


I intended to put the load average in under the "Host" heading but didn't bother with it since it'd probably end up being linux-specific. If anyone knows a system-independent way to get load averages and uptimes and other interesting info let me know. I've heard of libraries to do this but I'd hate to have something this simple depend on those.

Oh, another thing. setiathome doesn't fflush whenever it outputs anything. For a while, I thought I had written this program and then realized it'd never work anyway (because I originally tried to pipe setiathome's output to it instead of forking it myself). Then I realized I could allocate a pseudotty to work around this, so that's what it does. I'd prefer not to have to do this, but there's no seti@home source. Anyway, I should warn you that it doesn't chmod the tty device or do any security checks, so someone could theoretically search out the tty it allocates and start interjecting false data. I'm not too worried about this myself.

Mail comments, praises, e-cash, compilation problems, portability concerns, patches fixing those concerns, gripes, flames, death threats to Thanks.

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