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Using the skeleton

# ATTENTION: the shell code written below is just PSEUDO-code especially the # substitutions won't work out of the box. #

You want to write a plugin for qmail-logfiles.

0. you have already installed autoconf/automake/libtool.

  1. copy this directory to ./src/input/qmail $ mkdir ../qmail $ cp *.c *.h *.am ../qmail
  2. edit the (replace every occurence of skeleton by qmail) $ cd ../qmail $ cat | sed "s/skeleton/qmail/" > $ cp

2a. remove this file from your directory :) $ rm README

3. add this directory the master $ cd ..
$ cat | sed "/^SUBDIRS/s/$/ qmail/" > $ cp

4. edit the
add src/input/qmail the list at the bottom (AC_OUTPUT)

5. rebuild the files
$ autoheader
$ automake
$ autoconf
$ configure <options>
$ config.status

6. makefiles are now setup and you are ready to hack a new plugin. please remove the comments starting with C: from your new plugin.

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