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lla : LDAP Log Analyser

lla - an LDAP Logfile Analyser


bash-2.03$ ./
LDAP Log Analyser is generating statistics from your LDAP log file Usage : -w inputfile (outputfile) Example. : -w access (stats.html)

Copyright by Kris Buytaert 2000
This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License

Main operation mode:

     -w             Generate html output
     -t             Generate flatfile output
     -m   Mail flatfile to emailaddres

If no outputfile and the -m parameter is not used output wil be displayed


lla is an LDAP Logfile Analyser , it generates statistics At this moment only NS 4.11 Logfiles have been tested. Your on your own if you want to analyse other type of Logfiles. But feel free to give feedback on your experiments and contribute patches to the code.

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