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Due to some heavy changes between gcc 3.2 and the prior stable version, this release is necessary. I have removed the automatic editing of the kppprc file, so from this release, it is vital that you alter this by hand, or just follow the steps in INSTALL. I also fixed a minor bug in the --total option. Apart from that, no major changes have been done. This was released in a hurry, since I got loads of e-mails requesting a version compliant to gcc 3.2, hence the code is a mess at some places. This does not interfear with the functionality of the program what so ever. Though I will, shortly release another version, which will have a cleaner code.


The current version is 1.9

PR stuff =)

Are you as tired as I am of those ever lasting sky high phone bills? Don't you just wish that you had a program that logged your online time, so that you don't get as surprised as you always gets when the bill comes?

Haven't you heard yourself saying..
"Oh my god! Have I've been online that much??" just too many times?

Well, put an end to it by using kppp_logger.

(I should drop the coding and get into the PR business, right?)


For installation instructions, see INSTALL. This is really recommended, since it holds some very important information.


Never mind kppp_logger at all unless you want to read or manage your logs, it handles everything by itself. If you have followed the instructions in INSTALL, kppp_logger will be automatically launched by kppp upon connection.
Simply start and run kppp, nothing extra is required. To read your log you type kppp_logger -r. For more info and features refer to the manpage, or try kppp_logger --help


This program is developed and tested under a Linux Slackware 8.0 system with GNU glibc-2.2.3 as well as a RedHat 8, glib 1.2.10. It will probably run on most Linux systems. And it is not a high performance program either, so no supercomputer is need either. Of course Kppp is required. Hopefully you had already figured that out, hadn't you? Kppp can be found at

If you experience any problems under your system, please mail me ( and let me know. Bug reports is what makes Linux development progress!


This program is released under the GPL license. For more info about that, see COPYING.

But feel free to take code and do whatever you want with it, just as long as my name is mentioned in the source.

If you have any questions or comments, please throw me an email.


//Erik Ljungström (

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